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Synchronised consulting. For your success. For your future.

Sustainable and future oriented tax, legal and finance advice requires integral perspectives and solutions. We synchronise the commercial or private interests of your financial concept with the fiscal requirements and guide you safely through the complexity of German law.

One of our specialisation areas is advising foreign companies and individuals as well as foreign citizens resident in Germany on their financial activities.

Germany has, for example, by far the most complex tax laws throughout the world. This is illustrated by the fact that 50% of the worlds existing taxation literature is in German. This has a major impact on all business processes in this country.

Alongside the classic consulting areas we also accompany you with competent advice in Germany on all other financial issues concerning, for example, setting up a company, applying for grants or private investment decisions. This is dealt with comprehensively and integrally through the partners of HSP GRUPPE. You receive all the necessary services perfectly coordinated from one provider.That is how we see synchronised consultancy.

Bridges to the future - active finance development for your future

For us the quality of a demanding consultancy is in the targeted and active development of the financial future for our clients.

We want to be able to also determine and prove the worth of our work tomorrow. That is why we consistently focus on the future.

We consider our clients within the wide realms of their individual requirements. After analysing the potential and conditions we develop a personal future vision together with our clients and then help to realise that vision and accompany them with advice on their way towards achieving that goal.

Tradition and innovation - the perfect match

Our experience and strength is in sustained long term suport.The businss relationships with our clients extend over several generations. This means that we can build the bridge to a successful future based on our knowledge of the past.

Since the company was founded innovation has been our self-imposed commitment. On this basis we ensure that there is no halt to development and are continually enhancing our work and consulting processes to the benefit of our clients.

We heartily invite you to get to know us.

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